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Hello, I'm Sue

I am a Master Reiki Practitioner who has been offering Reiki for over 7 years. I am registered

with the UK Reiki Federation and am also

fully insured to carry out my procedures.

I  offer spiritual healing and psychic surgery alongside Reiki and combined with natural

remedies and soothing empathy I am to

enhance other people's lives through the spiritual powers I have been given.

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One-on-One Reiki Session

Ideal for those in need of a little time-out, a lot of

time-out or may of actually been on a time-out for a little too long..... Sue will re-adjust your embodied positive energy in this peaceful and soothing

one-on-one session.

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Long-Distance Reiki Session

Similar to our one-on-one Reiki treatments in person, this session is ideal for people who are either on the move or located far

and away.... Typically we will conduct our session via

Google Hangouts (Which is just like skype/zoom)

and the process will be much the same. 

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Energy and Chakra Cleanse

Crystals are placed on your seven chakras: the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root. Together, this helps align the spine from the base to the crown of the head to help energy to flow properly through the body. Sound and aromatherapy are used to fully balance and open your Chakras.

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Treatments & procedures



I have to say this gorgeous lady has healed

me in many ways!

One is talking, two being understanding and open and three her Reiki healing has been the most uplifting and healing of all, Sue has a natural talent, you can feel the sincerity and beautiful warmth resonating from her to give Sue's healing powers to you to clear the negativity away from your body and thoughts!


I highly recommend Sue if you need that

peace and clearing.


I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to Sue! 

Sue saw a post from me on Facebook asking for healing for my back and messaged me to offer some Psychic Surgery and Reiki healing and conducted the session at 7.45 am! 

I couldn’t express my thanks enough after the session as I was so relaxed I just wanted to sleep.

I felt so much relief, saw beautiful bright lights and felt a huge release which allowed me the comfort to get some sleep, the pain is reduced

and I now have more movement.


After a distressing time in my life – Sue offered me Reiki healing and it was during the session that I believe I saw my future self ....


 Me with long hair, two children and my partner at the beach. It was a bit surreal at the time

 but apparently it is not unusual to have

‘unexplained’ dreams


 I did feel incredibly calm and relaxed after the session. Since then I have met my soul mate and we have one child - so watch this space ....


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