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About Sue


I was brought up to care for people – my mum was a nurse and from

an early age I can remember our neighbours knocking on the door for

help and advice.. As a child mum taught me how to care and treat minor

injuries – having 4 elder brothers – there was always someone around

who needed ‘treatment’.   

When I had my own children – I carried on the tradition of looking

after ‘others’ and would regularly receive visits from the neighbourhood

children with cuts, scrapes and the odd broken bone! 

As my children grew older and life calmed down – I began to

realise that the gift I had was not just limited to treating cuts and bruises

-  I also had the ability to make people happier just by listening to

and discussing their perceived ‘problems’ . I began to investigate the

spiritual side of life and that is when I discovered Reiki.  

The Reiki treatments I experienced, had a profound effect on my

wellbeing and it occurred to me, that if Reiki was that powerful

– then I really needed to use it to help people. I completed my

Reiki training over several years and am now proud to

be a master practitioner. 

I never knew  – but  have been told several times – that I am

also a naturally gifted spiritual healer, this explains why most of

my life I have been an intuitive  ‘natural’ healer and counsellor. I am

currently receiving mentoring which will help enhance and focus the

spiritual side of my healing. 

I absolutely love offering Healing whether it is local or distant healing

– it’s the most natural thing in the world and it doesn’t matter whether

you believe it will work. Your body takes the healing it needs

- all you need to do is contact me, relax and I (and your body) will

do the rest. I can’t heal ‘medical conditions’ but I can help

your body to deal with them.  


Love and light



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